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Graphene is a sheet of carbon that is only 1 molecule thick. It is the lightest, strongest, most electrically conductive material known. People have called it the “miracle material of the 21st century” because it offers superior properties to any material in current use.

Scientists in the United Kingdom won the Nobel Prize in 2010, for research on graphene. In fact, because the material is so extraordinary, there is a great deal of research being conducted, but it is mostly on a small scale.

Graphene Frontiers conquered scale. The company’s founders, Charlie Johnson and Zhengtang Luo, perfected a proprietary manufacturing process that supports mass production for industrial and commercial uses.

Their process creates a continuous graphene production and transfer line that allows for production of high quality graphene films at a cost lower than existing technology and competing materials.



  1. We produce our graphene at atmospheric pressure, rather than low pressure. This innovation eliminates the need for an enclosed vacuum chamber. In other words, Graphene Frontiers can produce graphene roll-to-roll, using the same systems that have long been established at consumer electronics manufacturers.
  2. Graphene Frontiers has developed a patent pending etch-free, or non-toxic, transfer process that enables us to reuse the copper substrate.
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Top five industries for
mass-produced graphene:

  • Life Sciences – Medical Device
  • Electronics – TVs
  • Chemical & Biosensors
  • Smart phone & Smart pad
  • Desalinization membranes


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